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Irén Skin  is a Japanese Skincare brand reinventing J-beauty as we already know it. There are many J-beauty brands which have made their way to Europe and beyond, though many of those aren’t Vegan. In order to change the J-beauty scene, Irén have brought back traditional Japanese rituals and reimagined them into innovative skincare ideal for modern day.

Irén has created an advanced technology: the Ziplock encapsulation™.
A Vegan and clean formulation that enables you to customise your own Serum so to meet your personal skincare needs specifically.

Ziplock technology refers to the encapsulation of each serum’s active ingredients, which are freshly released into skin with a time effect for thorough and optimal penetration right through to the Dermis layer of skin.

With this method, molecules in the serums are encapsulated individually as opposed to the common method of single large encapsulation of molecules.

Their products are free from SLS/SLES, parabens, fragrances, silicones, synthetic colours, drying alcohols & mineral oils.

3 of the serums can be combined. There aren’t any risks of the ingredients negatively reacting together or hindering one another’s performance.

IRÉN suggested me to select 3 of their serum’s to either use individually or in tandem. The serums have to be selected based on your skin concerns. They have 7 superfruit serums to chose from:

  • ‘SKIN REBOOT ANTIOXIDANT SERUM’ – made with Beetroot extract + 4% caffeine solution to defend skin against environmental factors.
  • ‘FOREVER YOUNG ANTI-AGING SERUM’ – curated with Goji Berry extract + 10% Argireline pedtide complex for dual-action skin firming and stimulating collagen.
  • ‘GLOW-GETTER RENEWAL SERUM’ – formulated with pumpkin seed extract + 5% glycolic acid for a gentle yet effective mix of exfoliants, antioxidants, enzymes & probiotics which smooth out uneven skin texture & restore dull skin.
  • ‘STAR LIGHT BRIGHTENING SERUM’ – encapsulates Yuzu fruit extracts + 2% alpha-arbutin to target melanin which have caused dark spots and unifies skin tone. Many people like this Serum for it’s inclusion of Niacinamide.
  • ‘KEEP CALM SOOTHING SERUM’ – brings together avocado extract + 1% Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate (an anti-inflammatory derived from Licorice) to care for sensitive skin. It’s lightweight texture brings comfort to irritated skin with it’s composition of 95% cucumber water.
  • ‘QUENCH-UP HYDRATING SERUM’ – combines blueberry extract + 4% NMF solution. It’s delivers 12 moisturising ingredients to skin to plump skin and leave a healthy dewy complexion.
  • ‘CLEARER DAYS ANTI-BLEMISH SERUM’ – bonds Mangosteen extract + 8% Niacinamide to combat acne and other common imperfections; additionally targeting overactive sebum.

All serums are infused with natural superfruits which are free from paraben, alcohol and silicone. It is 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

My personal experience with the serums

I choose QUENCH-UP HYDRATING SERUM, STAR LIGHT BRIGHTENING SERUM, SKIN REBOOT ANTIOXIDANT SERUM. I had the chance to try the products while i was on vacation with my family and i was constantly exposing my skin to the sun, so i had to take a lot of care of it. When i expose to the sun usually my skin becomes a bit dry and needs hydration every now and then. So i started using the serums and i noticed that my skin absorbed what applied directly. And the result was having a glowy yet nourished skin! I loved the effect so much. I have also to mention that i started by mixing all of the three serums. The next week i started using these separately and i preferred how these worked being mixed. Of course that’s my personal convinction, so it means that it could also work differently on your skin. It depends on your skin type for sure.

[DISCLAIMER: it was a gifted collab so i wasn’t paid in any way to create this content #suppliedby]

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